the princess wei yang

[TPWY] Chapter 30

Sorry for the delay – there have been some miscommunications. Enjoy!

This is my first time translating a novel so please spare me the criticisms 🙂 if you find any of my translations confusing, I would be happy to clarify it to you!


**biao ge/ biao mei/ biao jie = way to address cousins

**yatou = way to refer to a young maid

**mumu = way to refer to an older maid

**xiaosi = way to refer to a servant

**Nan Yuan = literally translated to South garden

** muqin = way to address your mother

** jianzhong = a derogatory term for an illegitimate child


Chapter 30: Beating a wastrel soundly

Li Wei Yang must pass through the remote back garden to get to Nan Yuan. She ordered all her yatous and mumus to hide in an obscure corner. She only bought along Bai Zhi, who held up her umbrella as they walked towards the garden.

In the pouring rain, even as Bai Zhi attempted to hold up the umbrella, one side of Li Wei Yang’s shoulders was still drenched.

Gao Jin hid under the banana leaves with his xiaosi behind him, holding up his umbrella.

“Shaoye, San xiaojie is coming!” his xiaosi alerted him.

Gao Jin’s pair of eyes has already started to ogle Li Wei Yang closely. She was wearing a jacket-skirt made with yunjin; on it were embroideries of magpies on a plum tree. Below was a skirt of the same color made with hongjin. As she continued to walk over, she looked delicate and graceful. Gao Jin stared at her from head to toes and as he watched her, he became even more excited.

He quietly celebrated in joy; after today, she will be his!

Bai Zhi kept having a strange feeling that someone was watching them. She felt uneasy: “Xiaojie, nubi is afraid.”

Li Wei Yang smiled faintly: “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Her voice, like icy bells knocking loudly against the wind, makes Gao Jin feel a sudden urge to have her and couldn’t restraint himself any longer. He jumped out hoping to fully grasp ahold of her.

The moment he jumped out, Gao Jin’s hands began to feel numb and painful.

Li Wei Yang raised her brows and she ruthlessly kicked him at the most important part of his lower body.

At the same time that her feet rested on his lower body, Gao Jin’s hands were about to snap. After he let out a scream, his whole body fell back.

Bai Zhi immediately pulled out a cloth bag, slipped it over his head, and shouted: “Someone come quick, there is a thief in this yuan zi! Hurry!”

Within seconds, the servants who came along quickly rushed out. Li Wei Yang pointed at Gao Jin and coldly said: “Give him a sound beating. Beat him to death!”

“Who dares strike me!” the person in the cloth bag shouted, “I am Biao xiaoye!”

What is going on? Everyone was confused.

Li Wei Yang coldly smiled: “Why would Biao shaoye be in the back garden? It’s obvious that this offender is trying to be clever, hoping to escape punishment! Beat him up!”

After witnessing how San xiaojie handled Hua Mei, all the servants began to fear her so who would dare not to follow her orders?

Gao Jin screamed and pleaded for his life, and cursed at the servants but he was held down by the yatous and mumus as they continued to beat him soundly since they were afraid San xiaojie might think they didn’t put enough efforts.

Li Wei Yang looked towards a banana tree not too far away and to her surprise, saw the silhouette of a person disappeared.

Gao Jin was beaten for nearly half an hour until everyone had no more strength left and stopped their beating. The wastrel in the cloth bag who wanted to assault Wei Yang has already been beaten on the brink of death.

Li Wei Yang threw him a glance and then ordered: “Throw this offender out!”

Four mumus threw the almost beaten-to-death Gao Jin over the walls.

The xiaosi who came with him finally dared to come out. Trembling, he lifted the cloth bag and see that his gongzi’s forehead was trickling with blood, his nose tilted towards one side, the seams of his eyes were ripped, his eyes were discolored, and his words were incomprehensible, he knew this time they were in deep trouble ……

Having just rained, as the jaded green banana leaves outside the window drooped, a bead of water slid off and crisply hits the ground. Da furen didn’t know why she kept feeling agitated. The Buddha beads have been swiveling in her hands for a long time before she finally placed the beads down. She spoke to Li Zhangle who was by her side: “Today I’ve been feeling restless, it’s as if ……”

Li Zhangle lowered her eyes, veiling the coldness in her eyes. Eventually, something will happen, but to them, it will be good news.

She only said partially what she wanted to say when the curtains of the door were opened and someone rushed in quickly. Perhaps he ran his way here, he couldn’t stop in time and fell onto the ground. It was after rolling a few times to get up from the floor before he finally composed himself. He didn’t even care to wipe the dirt off his face and shouted to Da furen: “Da furen, not good! Something big happened!”

This person was xiaosi Qiuzi who served Gao Jin. Da furen’s complexion paled: “Don’t you know what this place is, how can you just barge in! Leave immediately!”

Qiuzi’s face whitened: “Bad news, bad news …… something bad happened!” He spoke as if he has just encountered ghosts, his whole body was shivering, “Xiaoye was at the garden just now, he, he ……”

Da furen was shocked: “What did he … do this time?”

She wanted to say what trouble has he gotten himself in this time but thought it was inappropriate to say so she rephrased it. Li Zhangle lightly lifted her lips, this scene was also part of their plan. After Biaoge succeeds, he would send xiaosi over to pass on the news and say Xiaoye accidentally mistaken San Xiaojie as a maid so he claimed her. At that time, once muqin finds out, even though she would be angry, she would still cover up for him. This way, they can get rid of Li Wei Yang, who has been a thorn in their eyes.

“Shaoye was originally in the garden, who would have thought, who would have thought ……” Qiuzi was very anxious that his head was covered in sweat, “Who would have thought San xiaojie bought along a bunch of people and beat Shaojie up soundly ……”

Da furen froze, her eyes looked frosted, she said: “Li Wei Yang? What exactly happened!”

Qiuzi faltered, speaking not a single word.

Da furen coldly spoke: “He fancied Li Wei Yang again? Foolish! Absolutely foolish!” At this moment, she heard the sound of glass breaking from aside. It was Li Zhangle who accidently dropped her teacup, spilling tea all over the ground.

At this point, Da furen suddenly understood, she snapped: “Except for Da Xiaojie, everyone else leave!”

Qiuzi wanted to say more but was driven out by others. Li Zhangle’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale white as she was astounded by her cousin’s failure and more importantly, she didn’t know how to face her muqin’s interrogation.

“You are very foolish!” Da furen was no longer calm, her brows rose, and her harmonious countenance was fuming with rage.

“Muqin!” Li Zhangle was panic-stricken for a second but calmed down after. Her bright red mouth gnashed her teeth in anger, her sharp voice thin as knives, “I wanted to punish this yatou —“

“You are too impatient!” Da furen pressed her hands tightly together as she sauntered back and forth around the room. Li Zhangle watched her surprisingly, in her memory, she has never seen her muqin in such discomposed manner, “Muqin ……”

“How many times have I told you, your future is promising, how can you involve yourself with this type of people!” Da furen swiftly stopped in her steps, turned her head, her expression was rigid. Suddenly, like a bloody red day appearing in a dark night, she turned evidently cruel: “I originally wanted to keep her for future use, now that this happened, we can only make the best of a mistake! We must get rid of this jianzhong!”


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    ayyy! wei yang handled it awesome! she kicked him in that part too, great, great! and he got beaten up? awesome!

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    *thumbs up Weiyang*

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    Even if that pair of hypocrite would send trouble after trouble, I believe Wei Yang will still come out on top.
    The chapter filled with Wei Yang’s revenge will be wonderful!


  6. Thanks for the chapter!

    Got through the first ep3 (or was it 5?) and I say I like the novel more.

    I mean, they didn’t justify the characters,
    WY who should be vicious and intelligent had become a stupid who sometimes knows what to do Princess.
    Her rival Zhang le who should be like a white Lotus who’s real personally shall only be seen when alone, had able to show it.

    The truth is, I wanted to watch it because of the viciousness of this characters but sadly I think it’s uncooked 😦

    I’m glad you’re continuing this! I want to know more about WY true future -and the murders 3:)


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    I did watch the tv series and it was a big disappointed. The plot was so cliche and it couldn’t hold a candle to the novel at all. How I wish they would at least maintain Weiyoung’s cunning personality but they instead made her into a wimp. Urgh! I still think Guman got it best when it comes to tv adaptation. Her novels were well interpreted and portrayed – both Boss&Me and Wei Wei.


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