the princess wei yang

[TPWY] Chapter 22

I am going to address this here once and for all: this novel is NOT dropped until you see me posting up an official announcement on the blog saying I’m dropping the translation for good. I will not be replying to such repetitive questions (ie. why is there is no update, is this novel dropped, etc)  and will be deleting them.

When I have a lot of time, there will naturally be more updates. When I don’t have a lot of time, there might only be one or two updates per month, or none at all. If you can’t wait for the updates, you are welcome to find other sources. I understand you are excited about the novel but please also understand that TRANSLATING THIS NOVEL IS NOT MY JOB. I do have a job that is taking up A LOT of my time and energy on top of everything else. To those patient supporters, I thank you kindly.


Chapter 22: Adding Oil to the Fire

Entering Li Chang Xi’s compound, it was filled with a deep fragrant smell. Li Wei Yang was slightly taken aback. She paused at the doorway and contemplated deeply before continuing on.

In the common area, Si yiniang Zhou shi chuckled and stood up to welcome the guest before taking a seat in the chair with the lowest status. Her resentment could not be seen. Meanwhile on Li Chang Xiao’s face, there was unspeakable worry but she didn’t say anything, silently standing to the side.

“Today San xiaojie’s timing is off. Wu xiaojie had just fallen asleep,” Zhou shi said with a smile. She had almond shaped eyes that resembled a lake in springtime. Even though she was the birth mother, in front of other people, she didn’t have the rights to call the xiaojies by their full name.

Had just fallen asleep? Li Wei Yang smiled. “It’s okay. I am here to visit Wu meimei. It is the thought that counts.” Her eyes gently studied Zhou shi. Zhou shi was in a honey coloured silk dress. The bottom of the dress was embroidered with twin lotus flowers. She didn’t look like a furen who had given birth to two daughters. No wonder Li Xiao Ran doted on her.

At the same time, a servant had silently gone to Li Chang Xi’s bedroom to tell her Li Wei Yang was here to pay a visit.

Li Chang Xi abruptly stood up and grabbed a pink flower vase on the table. She flung it at the door. “Get lost! Tell her to get lost immediately!” She could not suppress the fierce hatred in her voice.

The flower vase shattered to pieces as the water inside spashed everywhere onto the floor. The resenting voice penetrated through the myriads of curtains, passing into everyone’s ears. Zhou shi’s expression immediately turned into that of embarrassment. Li Chang Xiao abruptly jumped to her feet, but quickly realized she had acted impolitely and slowly sat back down. She could not hide the anxiousness on her face.

Instinctively Zhou shi glanced at Li Wei Yang. She noticed the other’s eyes, clear and shimmering like ripples of water, was also staring back at her. Zhou shi startled. When she regained her composure, Li Wei Yang’s gaze had the hint of a smile in it. There was nothing abnormal about it. Zhou shi concluded that this young thirteen year old girl in front of her was not as simple as she appears.

Any person to experience this type of incident would feel embarrassed, but Li Wei Yang seemed to have not heard those menacing words telling her to get lost, as if she did not hear the sound of the vase being shattered. Either the person was too stupid to understand a thing or was a sly person whose true thoughts never showed. Zhou shi believed in the latter. But a concubine’s daughter who had grew up in the village, how can she mature to this point?

Li Wei Yang’s smile was not affected in the least bit. “Si yiniang, earlier I had smelled on you a special but familiar kind of scent. Do you have a liking for the Xue Li fragrance?”

Xue Li fragrance? Si yiniang was puzzled. She had never heard of this type of fragrance before.

Li Chang Xiao questioned with curiosity. “What is that?”

“Even though Ping Cheng may not be as flourishing as the Capital, but there are plenty of new and interesting things. For example, the Xue Li fragrance. The prolonged use of this type of fragrance is said to improve a woman’s skin complexion as well as maintain its youthfulness.”

Si yiniang furrowed her brows. She was unfamiliar and had never harbored this type of fragrance with her. What did Li Wei Yang mean by this?

Li Wei Yang continued, “The Xue Li fragrance may be good but it is not suitable for everyone. This is because in the ingredients for Xue Li, there is a particular ingredient called Tian Zhi. If the user have some sort of wound or scar on the skin, the skin will not be able to heal and scab properly. Instead it will rot away. Fortunately Si yiniang does not harbor any flesh wounds, right?”

Listening to the explanation, Zhou shi’s face turned white.

Li Chang Xiao’s eyes widened. “San jie, what you said is true?”

Li Wei Yang nodded. “Of course it is the truth. Xue Li has a unique scent. I recognized because I have encountered this fragrance before on Mo yiniang, uncle’s most favored yiniang. I was curious so I had asked her about it.”

This Uncle Li was father’s younger brother and he was the head of the Li’s household in Ping Cheng where Li Wei Yang had temporarily stayed. He had a beautiful concubine, Mo yiniang, who came from a brothel. She was over 40 years old but she had taken extreme care with her skin, so she looked like a young 18 years old girl instead. It was quite unbelievable. The fact that Uncle Li was crazily smitten by this yiniang was passed on by those who had visited Ping Cheng.

Xue Li fragrance was one of the many methods used by Mo yiniang in her skincare routine. The bad thing about Xue Li fragrance is that the prolong use of it will cause one to become infertile. The second bad thing is that it will stop the natural healing process of wounds. Scars won’t be able to scab but will rot away instead. A noble lady wouldn’t dare touch a wicked thing, but they were often used by those who came from brothels to attract men.

Li Wei Yang knew this but pretended not to know. “Si yiniang, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhou shi’s hands were tightly fisted, hidden inside the long sleeves. She couldn’t suppress herself as her nails dug deeply into her palms. The fragrance in this room was supposed to be from the Yu Rong ointment gifted by Da furen. She had said the ointment would help to heal Chang Xi’s wounds. Who knew it was actually something so vicious and dirty?

Li Wei Yang tossed a brief look beyond the curtains. Peeking from behind the curtains was the beautiful face of a lady. Her chin was slightly thin and there was a frightening scar on her cheeks. There was a surprised look on her face. The lady behind the curtains suddenly realized she was discovered and quickly turned around and walked off. As she turned around, a corner of the red dress flapped. The ruby curtains moved and made a noise. A strand of ruby fell on the ground and shattered as rubies rolled everywhere.

Li Wei Yang watched as a ruby rolled to her feet. Then she lifted her head and stared into Si yiniang’s terrified face. She stood up, slightly grinned and bid goodbye.

Walking out from Shuang Yue Ge, Zi Yan was still clueless.

“San xiaojie, why is there Xue Li fragrance in Wu xiaojie’s chamber? Everyone had said that, as a result of using this for a long time, Mo yiniang became infertile and couldn’t have children. Wu xiaojie still hasn’t married. . .” she curiously wondered, but as she got to this point, she seemed to have realized something. She immediately stopped talking as a look of fearful panic took over.

“There are some things that only require the eyes to see. You should pretend you are deaf and mute, understand?” Li Wei Yang stopped in her tracks and looked at Zi Yan.

“Understood.” Zi Yan lowered her head, but her fingers kept trembling.

Bai Zhi sighed to herself. The Prime Minister’s estate, compared to the Li’s manor in Ping Cheng, was a lot more frightening.

Li Wei Yang lifted a corner of her mouth as she turned around, looking back at Shuang Yue Ge.

Da furen obviously wanted Si yiniang and her daughters to loathe Wei Yang, which was why she had intentionally delivered this kind of fragrance. First, she wanted Li Chang Xi to never be able to heal from the scarring. Henceforth, Li Chang Xi would hate her. It would also traumatize Zhou shi. Secondly, she wanted Li Chang Xi to walk around with the scar so that everyone knew Wu xiaojie was harmed by Li Wei Yang. Thirdly, even if Li Chang Xi was able to marry into a good marriage due to her position as the concubine’s daughter from the Prime Minister’s estate, she was still just a concubine’s daughter whose face was ruined and could never give birth. In this way, she would have to listen and obey to each and every word of her maternal family, specifically Da furen.

It was one stone hitting three birds. . .

Unfortunately, Da furen may be vicious, but she was doing more than required. This time, Li Chang Xi may be stupid but her birth mother was not. Li Wei Yang had thought she was going to have to say a lot more to make Si yiniang understand, but thankfully, Da furen’s Xue Li fragrance had helped her instead. Da furen wanted to stand on the outside and watch the fight, yet she didn’t know she had brought the fire to her own home.

Li Wei Yang tilted her head back as the bright sunlight shone down on her long lashes. . . .


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  1. Thank you for all the hard work in translating the novel.

    I don’t mean to be rude by saying this in response to your announcement, but I think some people ask about the story status because if it’s been dropped, then they might try picking up the project themselves or find someone else to do it. (After all, it’s been on hiatus for about 2 months now.) Of course, It could be people just being mean though.

    Thanks again for the translation. Hope to see more of it.


    1. Hmmm I’m not sure what are people’s definition of “hiatus” here because I’ve updated in September (more than one updates in fact) and even in August/July. I updated in October as well, so what puts me on hiatus? Because I’m not updating every single week? Because I’m not churning out multiple chapters? But back in May, I have already put up a note saying I won’t be able to post a lot but will try to update at least ONCE a month. In the same post, I said I was not dropping this project. The only time I’ve been gone and had no updates was in June which I, once again, did put up an announcement saying I will be gone for that particular month.

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      1. lol if readers r unsatisfied with ur pace, then u should acknowledge the fact that u ARE slow asf when it comes to translating. Once a month is barely sufficient.. i dont care what ur excuse is. If people are unsatisfied, then they have the right to express their discontent.
        no one wants to wait that long for chapters to come out. If you can’t handle it, then drop the project. Let other translators, who have more free time, pick it up.

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      2. Lol since when is real life considered an “excuse”? I don’t need to apologize for having a life out of this, neither did I translate to please rude, self-entitled people like you. I wanted to share a story I liked and that is by no means my obligation to reorganize my priorities to fit yours. You can sit there and say all that, and yet I don’t see you, who appears to have a lot more free time, volunteering to translate this novel. If you can’t handle the wait, then simply leave. Let those who are patient and respectful enough to enjoy my translations on my blog.

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      3. My definition of hiatus is over a month with no updates/news from the author/translator. I think that’s the general time most people start thinking things have been dropped.

        Though you did post in September and then in October, the date you posted (31st) made it an almost 2 months break.

        Truthfully, I don’t mind the wait though, and was merely being the devil’s advocate. Seeing people who do mind it and then seeing them be so rude about it is a big turn off though.

        Hope you don’t get too ticked off with those people and drop the story for those of us who eagerly await your updates.


      4. I really hope you don’t take these self entitled comments to heart, it sucks that you work hard to let us read this awesome book and then you have people acting ungrateful like this… You’re doing a wondeful job and the majority of us are thankful, thank you so much!


      5. I think haitus is like half a year tbh…translating is tough and life is tough so I think posting once a month is perfectly reasonable. Personally, I prefer slow releases to just dropping it ;-; To deal with unsatisfied people like that “saying the (non)truth that no one wants to admit”, you could just tell people that really really want to translate it that they can pick it up but that you’ll continue at your own pace. But really, please ignore those people who think they’re entitled to this


  2. Thanks for the translation. This is a refreshing change. I was getting tired of MC getting reincarnated in someone else body and having super power and super skills.

    The MC here just went to the past, which is unique, and she only rely on her wits, which is more realistic.

    And I like your translation.


  3. Thank you for the translation.
    Our MC is badass (as always) tho I don’t want her to become mary sue.
    This du furen is annoying but I have a feeling that her daughter will become the main nemesis to our MC.


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    i totally understand about having a job that requires a lot of time! it’s life, after all! No worries, i’ll be lurking around until you post a new chapter, huehue!-gives ice-cream cakes-

    ooh! i loved how smart wei yang was! amazing that she recognised the fragrance though! ooh wow!

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  5. Thanks for translating! The female lead is getting more and more interesting. Truthfully, I really like her character. Sure, her mind is dominated by thoughts of revenge, but it doesn’t consume her so she is still able to make rational thoughts and wise decisions. Love how she’s not those type of OTP leads. Just an average girl with a smart mind and full of hatred. A question to the translator; How long will Stolen Love be on hiatus? Besides Princess Wei Yang, I find the second novel your translating is also intriguing~


  6. dont mind this impatient readers…
    i love your translation……
    i await the next chapter at your own convinient time hopefully before christmas….?😐


  7. Thanks for the chapter yo.
    Among the books in my reading list, Princess Wei Yang is one of the story I looked forward to 😀

    Can’t wait until Duo Ba Yu starts appearing more


  8. New reader here! Really loving your translation. I respect Wei Yang and her conquest to give these nasty people a lesson. Thank you for your hard work! Hope to see an update soon.


  9. I’m not the waiting kind, so will you please refer me to a translator that is doing the same story’s? If so thank you greatly. I’ll check once in a while to see if it is updating.


  10. Hi, I just started reading this novel today and am fascinated by it. Thank you for your translation! Compared to other translations (of other novels) that I have seen, I am very impressed with the good style, language (no typos, good grammar) and format. Please keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged by rude people.

    @ all impatient people: No one keeps you from translating this novel yourself, even if it is translated here. So if you are not satisfied, scram and leave this hard working translator alone!

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  11. I would like to express my greatest Thanks to you for taking the time translate and share this novel. Without you, I would not have the pleasure of reading this great and fascinating novel. If there were some way I could assist you, I would offer my help. Since I do not read Chinese, I will simply be appreciative of any translations that you choose to make when you choose to do so.


  12. Ahahahah I love/hate reading about how vicious women are in these type of novels.
    Cheering on WY all the way! Here’s to hoping she gets revenge on all of them.

    Looking forward to more, whenever you have time that is. I appreciate the hard work. Thanks!


  13. hello! thanks for translating this novel, am very grateful! i dont normally read chinese novels and never knew that there was actually fandoms translating japanese korean and chinese novels till i stumbled on a site that was talking about a web drama i watched. from there the princess wei yang was a suggested read. im glad i did, since tpwy is a very engrossing story and it has opened my eyes to a new form of entertainment to enjoy. now im reading plenty of novels all thanks to tpwy.
    keep up the good work and ignore the self entitled people!


  14. Hi there! This is going to be a long comment so I must apologize in advance xD

    First and foremost! THANK YOU!
    I’m a translator myself and I know how tough a translating work is. A lot of ignorant people think it’s easy but it’s actually very hard, time-consuming, and sometimes thankless. I hope you don’t feel disheartened by some rude comments from these self-entitled people.

    Your translation is really good and I can tell you’re trying to stay true to the novel. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and the forewords just immediately reeled me in and I just finished all 22 chapters in one day hahaha. I just can’t wait to see what Wei Yang has up her sleeves for those who have wronged her. Compare to other time-traveling stories, I must say this novel is so refreshing to read. Most time-traveling stories (ex. Bu Bu Jing Xin) stick to the idea that no matter what you do, the past can’t be changed. But in this story, Wei Yang actively changes her own fate and even those around her. I’m just intrigued about why the Li’s have to frame her in the past life since she just seemed like a sweet innocent girl. Maybe just because they can and want to?
    It’s also surprising that Wei Yang suddenly turned into a cunning and manipulative woman (not complaining tho, I totally love this character. Such a badass.) when she was so pure in the past. Well, I guess being confined for 12 years might do the tricks. You either gone mad and gained wisdom after that amount of solitary confinement. All in all, this is the kind of novel I would love to buy and keep in my bookshelf if I could read Chinese (which I can’t T_T… so thanks again for the translation!)


    1. Also! Regarding people getting confused by the names and such.

      I’m a Thai-Chinese, so although I can’t actually read Chinese, I know some basic words. I know what Da, er, san, xiaojie, etc. means so it’s not hard for me to pick up the interchangeably names but for those who have no chinese background maybe it can be quite confusing to them. It’s just a humble suggestion – if you don’t mind, maybe you could translate the names or put it in the brackets like San xiaojie (Third Young Miss), Da furen (Head Madam), Li jia (Li House/Li clan), etc.and so on.


  15. I’m sorry some people have been making demands of you like that when you’re providing a free service – and a good quality translation from what I see.

    I can understand people wanting to know if the project has been dropped but a couple of months isn’t that long when you have another job as well. I know I feel exhausted enough when I get back from work and have taken care of various chores… Either way, I’m glad that if you do drop it or put it on hiatus you’ll post about it so we know. The uncertainty is worse than the wait in my opinion (well, as long as the wait isn’t a year or something like that).

    It’s such an interesting story, though. I like that as caught up in revenge as she is – she still has people she cares about. It would get tiring if she’s only an incarnation of revenge with nothing else to her.

    He current “family” are horrible people so I understand acting against them but I wonder if she’ll recognise the moral dilemma of taking revenge for something that hasn’t happened and (from the changes she makes) now probably never will happen. Or are all those she wants revenge on turn out to be naturally horrible people trying to hurt her or her people?


      1. @admiralen1 Now you’re just being rude and quite self-entitled here. This is a free (and most likely informal, I supposed) translation. It’s a privilege for us to be able to read it. And it’s not within our right to force someone to give up their time to do a free work. I understand everyone’s frustration. I also love this story a lot and wish I could read 100 chapters a day. But Solstar has said it time and again that she has other priorities and we should respect that instead of making jabs at her.

        Anyway, from the way I see it. If someone is not happy with Solstar, they might as well go ahead and translate the novel themselves. She doesn’t own the novel, does she?


      2. But thats the thing dude, a lot of translators wont pick projects already being done by someone else, so by hogging this one in slowmotion the translator mightve cost us a fast one picking it up
        Or in other terms, this series might not get done in our lifetime because this translator is doing it
        Just a waste of an interesting story


      3. ?????
        Ok, first if I can have it my way, I’d love a proper and complete translation from the original Chinese version. Better yet, I’d like to have a formal one which I can buy, whether it be e-books or hard-covers. But if I’m not wrong, Solstar is translating it from Vietnamese to English, so what stops other translators from picking it up? Courtesy? That’s just silly. I have seen numerous other novels being picked up by different translators at the same time. Or if anyone interested to do this project, they could have just worked together like the other translator (read the note on chap23) So your argument is invalid.

        I do get your point though but I still think you’re being quite rude. If you’d like her to drop the project so other people can work on it, you could have just been civil about it. From the way I perceive it many people here are downright bullying her to either make quick translation or drop the project.

        Anyway, since there’s another translator doing this one with Solstar now. hopefully we’ll get to see quicker updates in the future or I’ll just have to start learning Chinese myself lol.


      4. How in the name of god is it even possible to be more civil about it
        I didnt even specifically call the translator out, i just tried to explain how it feels seeing a series wasted
        The translator lashed out after not reacting for months at people for wondering if it was dropped
        The majority of translations end with the translator not feeling like doing it anymore and usually they dont say anything as to not make it final


      5. If making jabs is what you call being civil, then it’s no wonder why translators are dropping projects. I won’t be surprised too if Solstar would drop this in the future. It’s one thing to not be appreciated for their free work, but it’s just damn too much to be bullied for it.

        I’m really not defending her, she’s indeed slow. But she doesn’t deserve to be bullied like this for her hard work.

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  16. Hi!( New Here) I just wanted to say Thank You! I can say that a million times and it still wouldn’t be enough! And I know this kind of thing is not a job, but you could set up an account for people to support you(donate)! I’m not saying this to be rude, I’m saying this because people out there enjoy your hard work(translating)! #fighting


  17. I stumble upon your blog for TPWY and so far I’ve enjoyed the chapter you’ve translated. Keep up the good work and I will check back later when you have a new chapter. P.S the T.V drama by the same name is also pretty good. I recommend checking it out.


  18. Thank you for always translating! I really do appreciate you taking the time to translate the book. Don’t let ignorant people words get to you! Always supporting your project! 😀


  19. I recently found this novel after hearing that the drama is different from the source. It’s utterly delightful! I subscribed to your blog and hope to hear more of this whenever you have the time. Don’t listen to those ungrateful people who are bothering you, they don’t deserve being allowed to read this.


  20. Why would Da Furen think Si yiniang, Zhou Shi would loathe Wei Yang?? Didn’t Wei Yang save Si yiniang son??
    (You might be wondering why I asked that, well that was genuinely my question until I reread a couple of times and realised that the Si Yiniang, Zhou Shi was different from the Zhou Shi, wife of the third brother)

    Sorry but you really have to update that character guide. It’s also probably my fault for not reading carefully and all but still. I thought there was only one Zhou Shi. So when I saw Si Yiniang Zhou Shi i was like, uh okay. And then i saw she has daughters, I was like wtf, I thought she didnt have any children except that boy. But then I realised that were two Zhou Shi but only Zhou Si (the third brother’s wife) was mentioned in the character guide.

    Also this whole time I thought Li Chang Li and Li Chang Xi were also born from Da furen. I know that Li Zhang Le has a different name and even in the character guide it says concubine daughter’s under their name. But in the character guide I only saw Da Furen/ Jiang Shi and Wen Shi (Also you didnt add the daughter of Wen Shi in the character guide) so I was like uuuuh okay, lil confused.


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